A Woman of Many Facets

A Wife, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and a Minister of the Gospel. MonaLisa has held positions in corporate offices. MonaLisa has worked with nonprofit organizations such as Relief Enterprise and CureQuest Ride for Life.

MonaLisa started managing, styling and consulting for clothing stores such as J.Crew and Whitehouse Black Market. In 2006, she formed a corporation that planned events, decorated and styled individuals all at the client’s request. In 2009, she changed the name of this business to Style Architect Image Consulting Group and extended the profile of the business with Marketing and Advertising.

In 2010, She was diagnosed with APL, a form of Leukemia. Having gone through such a traumatic experience with no knowledge about the disease and lack of support with living conditions, she was eager to help and do more for herself and the community. So, that same year, while in remission, she formed CureQuest Leukemia, Inc. CureQuest Leukemia, Inc gave families resources and information on how to relieve these burdens and press to regroup and LIVE! Later in 2018 CureQuest Leukemia, Inc. was revamped to CureQuest Ride for Life.

MonaLisa was called to the ministry in 2012. In 2019, MonaLisa married Gary Monroe on May 05, 2019. 

Sooo, I Wrote a Book!

My spiritual transformation changed my life and my family’s and we tried to prepare as best possible for the unexplainable cause of these new obstacles. We all get busy and sometimes we don’t pray as much as we should. The transformation in my life did not happen overnight. It has been a walk of faith, trial and error and some short comings that has caused me to always trust in the Lord. In my growth, God would allow small victories in my life in order to trust HIM and build my confidence in HIM. HE continues to lead me through HIS process that requires obedience to follow HIM. Having a prayer life of faith and the discipline to walk after what HE says and to follow HIS word develops into a unique relationship.

God loves us, and I totally believe that HE is committed to winning the hearts of people who don’t know HIM. God has a distinctive way of developing the hearts and character of HIS people. My story is another one that is exclusive and new to me, but you will see how God holds my hand through a scary storm.

CureQuest Ride For Life

The voices of the community were heard and we went into action! CureQuest Ride for Life is a Non-Emergency Medical Travel Service.

CureQuest Ride to Life Non-Emergency Medical Travel Service provides highly essential travel services for disadvantaged Medicaid recipients, for the elderly, for those who are functionally impaired or the other, and those with low incomes who have no form of Travel Service to access healthcare services when the need arises.

Hours of operation are 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. 


These are the non-emergency medical travel services that we offer to our clients and target  market:

∙ Provide non-emergency travel service to appointments and medical facilities

∙ Provide pre-scheduled travel service at marketable rates 

∙ Provide consultancy and advisory services as it relates to our core services

*CureQuest Leukemia, Inc. was revamped to CureQuest Ride to Life in 2018.

The Style Architect

Building Your Brand from the Ground Up

Style Architect Image Consulting wants to develop wardrobe and styling for clients that want to enhance their look and closet. The Dress for Success concept is alive and well and is needed in today's professional environments. The First Impression of any interview or the everyday style of your brand can generate more clients, professional workplace, and gain an overall look of a Fortune500 Company.

Style Architect Image Consulting wants to reach more influential people that can utilize its services and gain long-lasting loyal customers and also spread the word about their out of the box approach to wardrobe styling.

Style Architect Image Consulting is reaching out to small business owners and entrepreneurs to give them a new corporate identity to showcase its offerings in business. At this time a lot of minority and women owned businesses and organizations are growing fast, so it’s extremely important that its initial impression of the company as the exclusive source for high quality of business. Style Architect Image Consulting is wanting to offer professional and expert advice on wardrobe and styling to their clients to offer job readiness before and after the initial contact with an employer.


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